First Month


My first picture


I am hungry !!


Who's who ?




Aarohi, Mamma and Pappa !


Feeling sleepy


With Flowers


My Closeup


Leaving Hospital


First Picture at home


Aarohi and Pappa


Sleeping Poses


First visit at Doctor's


My new comforter



Second Month


I'm thinking


In Crib


Where are my clothes?


Schweet Sleep


I'm looking at you!


Did you take shower?


I just took shower


And now i am ready..



Third Month


Dressed like to be a boy for a while...


So how is my this pose?


Hey i'm laughing now...


join me....oh my God


I like to play with toys now


Now i 'm tired, taking nap



Fourth Month


Yes tell me....


With support, but can sit now


Can even sit and think!!!!


Me and my dear mumma


I love her lap....




Fifth Month


Hey  look I’m bouncing....


Resting in the car seat....


My God I’m really excited....


My fia and me on rakhi....




Sixth Month


Mumma, Pappa, and me had fun in miami..


I’m at Ka mashi’s 50th b’day party....


Ya talking on phone, play with me later..




Seventh Month


How do I look in my 1st chaniya choli?...


I love this picture of mine with the bear...


I am playing my activity gym...




Eighth Month


My mom is potty training me, shhhh...


And am learning to walk myself…






Nineth Month


Got Milk?  ………..


Me & my dear mashi….






Tenth Month


I enjoyed daandia this year….


Can you schmile like me?…….






Eleventh Month


Don’t I look cute?…..


I am a daddy’s girl……..


I am very very happy today……




Twelveth Month


I have more teeth than bunny!!…..


I can drive a car and talk on phone…..


Yes i can read also…..     




!!!  My First Birthday  !!!


My butterfly invitation…..      


My Princess cake…..     


Time to blow cake, help me…..     


Sing for me “Happy birthday to aarohi…”     


Oh no, you all will feed me cake??    


Me and mumma-pappa, luv you…..     



2nd Christmas & Diwali



jeje – j kaka (means jayshrikrishna)     


jassi jaisi aarohi hai.... 




Adab - everyone attention !    


Shhhh...concert is about to begin    


Clap clap - i like the music i am listening    


I am waiting for my turn      


How do you like my christmas dress?    


Where are my presents??          




Mexico Trip




Pappa-mumma are surprised to see Gandhi bapu in Mexico     


With mariachis in the river in Xochimilco!    


I am enjoying this boat ride in cool water    




London Trip




London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling, my fair lady     



I am so proud to see Gandhi Bapu in London     



Don't i look princess in crwon and with Queen??     



Oh the beautiful garden of queen     




Switzerland Trip




So cold in swiss     



Ye waadiyan, ye fizayen, bula rahe hain hume....