This biography is a work in progress (like my life ...). Somewhere on this site you'll find pictures of a chubby little baby whose cheeks seem to be too heavy for its little face. That picture is black and white because we didn't have a camera then, and the photographer had only the black and white version. Those were the days when everyone was fussing around me (or so they tell me).

I grew up in Ahmedabad - a beautiful city in Western India (Gujarat), once famous for its cotton industries. I have vivid memories of those times - playing games like indu, thappo, langdi, gharghatta... Don't ask me what these are !

This is me: Rupal
I did my secondary from Ankur School, high school from GLS. Electronics and computers always fascinated me, so I saw doing a BSc in Physics/Electronics as the next logical step. When I graduated, my parents heaved sighs of relief thinking that I was done with my studies.

Settle down they said. Soon I replied.
I surprised them when I started working on my MSc. In due time that also ended and graduated with distinction.

Now settle down they said. Soon I replied.
Turn of events led me to the US, and I started working on my MS in Computer Science from Long Island University. As each semester passed, as I was working out C problems, designing networks, churning out assignment papers, burning mid-night oil for my terms, working my way through school, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel leading to my graduation.

And each time a new transcript came in, my parent would plead - settle down. Soon I replied.

Soon came sooner than I thought when I met Amit ... We came in touch in the Fall of 1998, when the leaves in New York were turning from green to shades of bright yellow and fiery orange. These foliage colors were to bring different colors in my life. Occasional emails and once in a blue moon phone calls soon turned to daily emails and a strain of a telephone lines. He poppped the question in November, and we tied the knot in December in the Western tradition (I do I do). We repeated the ceremony in May with the Indian traditional way (saat phere). Which one is our real marriage anniversary ? I really don't care as long as I get gifts both times

I still had couple of courses to go before I reached the finishing line. The courses at Florida Atlantic University (Neural Networks and Computer Security) along with my Thesis at LIU took me to my graduation on 25 May, 2000.

Since then, I am enjoying the sunshine (sometimes scorching heat) of Florida. One of our memorable times soon thereafter was road trip we made from FL to Maine, but that is another story...



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